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Power trio Dreams Of Venus emerged in 1990 in New York, shortly after the breakup of Hades and consisted of Jimmy Schulman (Hades, Vessel of Light, Cassius King) on bass, Addie Flaxx (Pound Of Flesh) on guitar/vocals and Kirke J. Blankenship (Our) on drums. Influenced by late 60's and early 70's music, they had something different from  what was happening at the time. Through mismanagement and all the industry crap that goes  along with it, Dreams Of Venus was just another up-and-coming act thrown into the pile of bands  that will never be heard. But after being shelved for so long, their 'lost tapes' came back to the band. Their brand of Psychedelic Hard Rock is close to some of the most relevant names of the period that were in a similar musical path such as Trouble, Masters of Reality, Saigon Kick and even Warrior Soul. Presented in a slipcase with a 12-page booklet with lyrics, photos and band history. 

Digitally remastered for the best sound quality possible! Limited to 300 copies.


File Under: Psychedelic Hard Rock, Classic Rock, Stoner Rock.

For fans of: 90s Trouble, Kyuss, Saigon Kick and Warrior Soul. 

DREAMS OF VENUS-Songs From The Essex Street Market CD Ltd. 300!

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