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HELIX are a Canadian institution as much as Rush, Triumph and April Wine. They achieved much success in the mid' 80's with albums like No Rest for the Wicked, Walkin' the Razor's Edge and Long way to Heaven. They had singles in the charts, videos on MTV and stadium festival appearances. Walkin' the Razor's Edge 1984 album was their best sales mark, selling over half a million copies. HELIX are still active today and still led by the eternal band frontman Brian Vollmer, a true Rock & Roll legend from Canada. 
Album digitally transferred from the master reels, presented in a 12-page booklet with album liner notes by Brian Vollmer, 1980/81 photos and the lyrics reproduced for the first time, including two unreleased bonus tracks from 1981 taken from the original 1/4" tapes owned by band leader and frontman extraordinaire Brian Vollmer. 

This is the ultimate White Lace & Black Leather reissue, and the very first time it is released on CD in european soil. 

An absolute delight to the fans and an important piece of Canadian Rock history!

HELIX-White Lace & Black Leather CD

£12.00 Regular Price
£9.00Sale Price
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