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LUST were the best kept secret from the prolific California Heavy Rock scene of the 70's, that spawned bands like Van Halen, Quiet Riot, Y&T, Legs Diamond, Motley Crue, Dokken, Snow and many others. The band was formed by Austin M. Carrino (guitar) and vocalist Keith Deen (R.I.P.) who later found major recognition in the Thrash Metal band Holy Terror. The band also had in their ranks drummer Liam Jason (Warrior, Rhinobucket). The LUST sound is the kind of melodic Heavy Metal that you could expect made in the late 70s: Think 70's Riot, early Dokken (Back on the Streets era) and 70's Quiet Riot to have an idea where they stand with their songs. Keith was an amazing singer and Austin's guitar work was good enough to stand strong on stage when they were performing live with some of the local classic names. Had the band found a good manager and a decent record deal and probably today we would have another legendary melodic Metal album in the Hard Rock hall of fame. DYAMOND ROXX/PROGAOR has been for a year with this project on hold for a number of reasons but finally…it is finished! This release is above all, another attempt at bringing some justice to Rock'n'Roll. Remastered by Swedish guitarist Janne Stark (Overdrive, Constancia, Grand Design, Merryweather Stark, etc.) the CD contains 7 tracks recorded between 1976 and 1980 plus one solo project song recorded in 1982. Presented in a 12-page booklet including the lyrics, archive photos and song-by-song comments by Austin himself, this is a release not to miss!


File Under: 70s Hard Rock, Melodic Metal.

For fans of: 70s Riot, 70s Dokken, 70s Quiet Riot and Snow.

LUST-Hollywood Roxx 1976-80: Studio Sessions CD

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